Half a century has passed since the Polytechnic uprising in November 1973. In the aftermath of May 1968, the student movement in Greece under the dictatorship articulates a powerful voice. The protest of young people and part of Greek society that stood by them erupted as a natural and spontaneous need to react to authoritarianism and escalated into three unprecedented days of assertion and ideological ferment, but above all of unanimity. What does this collective experience of solidarity and self-denial mean for us today?

On the occasion of the recent anniversary, the performance 50 years, one night attempts a contemporary reading of this defining moment from the perspective of the theatre. The pulsating speech of real protagonists comes to life through authentic testimonies of students, pupils and ordinary citizens – some published, others collected in the context of dramaturgical research – citizens who took part, willingly or unwillingly, in the drama of history, each from his or her own position.

The production is directed by Manos Karatzogiannis. He has a series of performances concerning historical memory (For Helen, Foreign Doors, Witnesses of Athens, Guardian of a Revolution, Passport) as well as the film Melina Stop Frame – Searching for Modern Greekness, the director collaborates again in dramaturgy with Dimitra Kondylaki, with whom he co-curated in 2018 the retrospective exhibition – stage installation Rooms of Memory at the Athens Festival for Lula Anagnostaki.

Director Manos Karatzogiannis

Dramaturgy Dimitra Kondylaki- Μanos Karatzogiannis

Music Tilemachos Mousas 

Kinesiology Zoe Chatziantoniou

Set Design Loukia Martha 

Costumes Vassiliki Syrma

Lighting Angelos Papadopoulos

Video Art Goran Gagic

Assistant Director Dina Debebe

History Consultant Kostis Kornetis 

The Actors Yorgos Vourdamis, Maria Zorba, Yvonni Maltezou, Ifigeneia Karamitrou, Yannis Dalianis, Kalliopi Panagiotidou, Yorgos Nousis, Stratis Chatzistamatiou

Participating students of the third year of the Drama School of the “Karolos Koun” Art Theatre

Marios Alexandris

Marios Vertzinis

Natasa Vlysidou

Anastasia Galerou

Anastasia Galerou-Vlassi

Christianna Ginoglou

Yannis Eskintzoglou

Yannis Zervos

Panos Theodorakopoulos

Nefeli-Vassiliki Karatsoli

Marianthi Koskina

Martha Orfanaki 

Kelly Saravanou

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