The medium, as it belies the purely conscious intentions of the artist, allows him to get in touch with the most repressed aspects of his personality, bringing them to the surface and surrendering them to conscious viewing.

In the struggle which he wages with his medium, the artist, alienated from his own self, fights against the unconscious personality which the work of art reveals to him.

To repeat in the work, on a conscious level, what has been projected on an unconscious level is perhaps the most fruitful and the most painful result of creativity (Anton Ehrenzweig 1967).

The above comes to frame in the best possible way the creative process either on a purely artistic level or on the level of a simple process of expression, with the aim, the analysis of the work for therapeutic – psychoanalytic purposes.

With this as a point of reference, the programme of the artistic expression workshop – (Art as a Healer) has been structured.


The aim of the artistic expression workshop is:

1) To bring the participants in contact with various materials that can be used as expressive media, creating artworks.

2on Through a process of contact with the materials, processing and analyzing internal images, thoughts and feelings, the final product, the visual image, is created.



(a) painting materials: acrylic paints; pastels; pencils; charcoal, etc.

(b) materials from nature: earth; sawdust; clay; clay; seaweed; algae; wood, etc.

(c) building materials: pumice; pumice stone; alphablock; plaster; stucco; plasterboard, etc.


In addition to the painting tools, building tools will be used: pliers; screwdrivers; saws; drills; hammers; trowels, etc., in order to familiarise the participants with various tools and to test their capabilities.

Thus, participants learn about the plastic possibilities of materials and the use of tools and express themselves through them.

The programme of the meeting-courses is structured in terms of the use of materials, gradually from the simplest to the most complex, i.e. from painting to construction and sculpture.

The final project consists of a theoretical and a practical part (construction). It is conducted in person

Coordinator: Michalos Konstantinos. Coordinator.

The dates are one Sunday per month:

1st semester: 09/10, 13/11, 11/12, 15/1, 12/2, 12/3.  Hours 10:00-14:00.

2nd semester: 19/3, 9/4, 14/5, 11/6, 2/7. – Hours 10:00-14:30.


For further information: Tel: +30 210 6747810 Email:[email protected]

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