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The University of Cyprus, after 2 years of pandemic, organizes for the 5th time, the Summer School Summer School, now called “Summer Academies”, for students who want to who want to get to know better the professions and scientific fields that interest them. The interested students can choose between 5 Academies:

1) Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics

1) Science Technology Engineering Technology Mathematics Mathematics Technology Engineering Art Mathematics 2) Economics and Management

3) Medicine and Life Sciences

4) Social Sciences, Medicine and Management of Health and Social Sciences

5) Philosophy and Humanities

The innovation of this year’s event lies in the interdisciplinary nature of the educational of the interdisciplinary programme. This has the advantage of providing a more integrated experience participants, as well as better preparing them for the future. for the future, since we are now living in the era of interdisciplinarity in terms of both challenges and and their solutions. In addition, in all the Academies there will be significant time training and development of cross-cutting skills, the so-called life skills skills, as well as time for socialising and recreation, and generally acquiring a first taste of university life.

The title of each Academy also indicates its main focus. In all of them, however, you will find the same there will be interdisciplinary elements offered by different faculties and departments of the University. The programme will include workshops, lectures, experiments, discussions, guided tours, visits, use of the Sports Center, recreational activities, and other activities. activities, leisure time, etc.

The Academies are open to students who have completed the third grade of high school, as well as to students of high school and technical schools. The language of the The language of the Academies is Greek (except for foreign language courses). At the end of the of the programme, the participant will be provided with a certificate of attendance at the Summer Academy.

Accommodation and meals

There is a possibility for a limited number of students to stay in the following accommodation

Student Residences. For this reason, priority for accommodation will be given to students from outside the Nicosia district. Residents will be offered breakfast and dinner will be provided, while all students will have lunch at the University. Those interested should apply no later than 20 May 2022.

Both the places in the Academies and the available rooms in the Student Residences are

are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

For further information (fees, programme, applications, etc.), interested parties

can contact the following telephone number 22894116, e-mail: 22894116

[email protected] and on the website