The Basil Papantoniou Foundation, as every year, presents a series of seminars and workshops with a variety of topics at the Athens branch, at Kanari 4, in Kolonaki.

The series of seminars was launched on Tuesday 19 February with Nikos Saridakis, set designer, costume designer (for more than a decade a friend and collaborator of Ioanna Papantoniou), with two lectures dedicated to Maria Callas, highlighting the visual, scenic and costume aspects of her performances in “Norma” and “Medea“.

At the same time, on Thursday 21 March, Kassiani Plati, museologist and head of educational programmes of the BPF, will focus on the world of museums, their history and evolution, their types and their way of operation, through six theoretical and practical lessons. The seminars are inspired by the 50th anniversary of the BPF and the educational programme for students “Collect, Investigate, Exhibit”, approved by the Ministry of Education and implemented at the Basil Papantoniou Foundation in Nafplio.

Then, on Wednesday 3 April, Fenia Adamidi, PhD in Classics, will delve into the world of poetry and literature, with a series of three lectures. Through the approach of texts by great Greek writers, poets and prose writers, their connection with earlier literary genres and their cultural heritage is highlighted, while the poetic mechanisms by which they shape their own distinctive style are examined.

The series of seminars will close on Wednesday 15 May with Yannis Tsalapatis, a well-known designer and jewellery maker, but also a valuable partner of the BPF.Yannis Tsalapatis, through a series of four workshop sessions, will introduce the audience to the basic techniques of traditional jewellery making, copying a pair of earrings from Cyprus, part of the collection of the Basil Papantoniou Foundation.

The seminars will take place at the Cultural Venue of the Basil Papantoniou Foundation, “Kanari 4” in Kolonaki.

How to attend: in person – Online.

Seminar duration: 19 March-5 June.

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