The Council of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Cyprus condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent incidents of xenophobia and racist violence in Paphos and Limassol. Xenophobia and racist violence have been manifested in Cyprus in various ways for a long time but for perhaps the first time, fascist groups have engaged in organised violence and destruction of the property of migrants, refugees and people working in our country. This fact highlights the rise of organised fascist groups in Cyprus which mainly target migrants and refugees hosted on the island. Given the history of fascism and the way in which fascist groups organise and operate, the incidents in Paphos and Limassol are a continuation and more organised form of previous incidents of racist violence.

The Council of the Faculty of Humanities considers the recent events unacceptable, especially in a country like Cyprus where the concepts of immigrant and refugee are not only unknown but are a big part of its history. At the same time, the Council considers that events such as the recent ones must be addressed by the State immediately. In this context, the Council of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Cyprus calls on the State to immediately and drastically address the activity of organised groups of violence against migrants and refugees and to financially assist the victims of the attacks whose property has been damaged. It also calls on all organised groups and, above all, educational institutions in the country to promote and cultivate the values of solidarity, understanding and respect for all people.

School of Humanities

University of Cyprus

Nicosia, 5 September 2023

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