The Department of Geology and Geoenvironment of the School of Sciences of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens announces the call for applications for admission to the Postgraduate Programme “Earth Sciences and the Environment“.

The MSc. “Earth Sciences and the Environment” has a duration of four (4) academic semesters (120 ECTS), which includes the time for the preparation of a thesis, and after full and successful completion of the studies, leads to the award of the “Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization in Earth and Environmental Sciences” of the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in one of the following specializations:

a. Applied  Geology – Geophysics

b. Mineral Resources- Petrology and Environmental Management.

c. Climatic Variations and Impacts on Environment

  1. Candidates

The MSc “Earth and Environmental Sciences” admits graduates of the first cycle of studies of the Departments of Earth Sciences of the Greek or similar institutions recognized by DOATAP of foreign countries, as well as graduates of Technological Educational Institutions (T.E.I.), of a related subject. Also accepted are holders of a degree of the A’ cycle of studies related or complementary to the Geosciences of the Departments of Higher Education Institutions of Higher Education of the Greek Federation, or similar institutions recognized by the DOATAP in foreign countries. Non-exclusive examples of such graduates are Physicists, Chemists, Oceanographers, Biologists, Geographers, Archaeologists, Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Mining Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Agronomists, Article 3, paragraph 3.1 of the Regulation.

In addition to the number of admissions, one (1) member of the categories E.E.P., E.DI.P.. and E.T.E.P. is admitted per year, provided that the work carried out at the Foundation is relevant to the cognitive subject of the Program. Article 3, paragraph 3.3 of the Regulation.

Candidates may also be students who have completed their studies up to the deadline for submission of applications as set out in this notice, and who have no pending examinations whatsoever. If candidates in this category have not yet received their degree, they must produce a certificate of completion of their studies stating their diploma grade, issued by the secretariat of the department or school in which they studied.

  1. Number of Entrants

The maximum number of students admitted to the Postgraduate Studies Programme is set at forty-five (45) students in total. Each specialisation admits fifteen (15) MSc students, which may be extended to a maximum of eighteen (18) only if there are vacancies in other specialisations.


Applications can be submitted from Wednesday 15 May 2024 through Friday 20 September 2024 at 15:00.

  1. Supporting Documents

Candidates are invited to submit their application to the Secretariat of the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment via e-mail at [email protected], in which the subject line will be “APPLICATION – MSc in Earth Sciences and the Environment” followed by the candidate’s NAME and the application form and the required supporting documents will be attached. The deadline/day is 15:00 on 20 September 2024.

For more Information you may visit  You may also reach over to the Secretariat at +30-2107274279 και +30-2107274221, or send your email at

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