The Museum of traditional music, instruments, research and documentation with the characteristic title <<Thirathen>>, (Thirathen education = The classical education of Byzantium that had a cultural and heritage character), was founded in 2012, based in the historic village of Krousonas, in the Municipality of Malevizi. In December 2023 it opened its doors to the public ,in its new location ,in the center of the city of Iraklion ,at 9 Rigas Ferraiou Square ,opposite the church of the city’s patron saint ,Agios Minas.

The museum offers a variety of educational programmes and activities for all ages.

Discovering the Music of the Mediterranean

The Museum of Traditional Music Instruments Research and Documentation Thirathen after signing a contract with the Region of Crete is to implement educational activities from 13/01/2024 to 31/03/2024. These actions are addressed to adults, as well as to young people and adolescents aged 5 to 12 years, and there will also be actions for people with disabilities. These actions are to be implemented both at the Museum’s Branch in the Heraklion Centre for easier access for visitors, and at the Museum’s headquarters in Kroussonas.

The educational activities and the experiential workshops that will take place aim at familiarizing with the musical instruments of the wider Mediterranean region, acquiring knowledge about the music of the Mediterranean (basic principles of instrumentology, musical tradition of the Mediterranean and the Balkans), the interaction of the experienced Cretan music with other traditions and finally the reshaping of the relationship of the general population with the musical tradition.

It is worth noting that the above workshops and programmes are completely interactive in nature and aim to communicate with the exhibits in an experiential and meaningful way. The specialized team of the Thirathen Museum has created the above programs in such a way that students, adults and people with disabilities can have a completely educational activity in a meaningful way and get enough information about the musical tradition.


In addition to the courses at the Museum’s headquarters, the Thirathen Museum is creating a series of courses and activities at the Museum’s branch in the centre of Heraklion.

More specifically, courses in traditional musical instruments, music and movement education, the establishment of a children’s and teenage choir, painting lessons and art therapy sessions will be held. The activities involve children, teenagers and of course adults.


The musical Wednesdays is a series of concerts organized by the museum on Wednesdays.

These are performances of local artists and not only.

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