The Art Workshop of the Municipality of Patras has been transformed for another year into a hub of creativity and education with 430 students of all ages attending classes in painting, ceramics, hagiography and art history.

Every year the art workshops employ about 13-15 teachers, 40 classes (children’s and adult), which are attended by residents from four years old and above.

Children’s Classes :

In the children’s classes there are 23 sections with a total of 230 students. In particular, there are 4 pre-school sections (infants, toddlers, preschoolers) with 40 pupils, 16 primary school sections with 160 pupils and 3 secondary school sections with 30 pupils.

Children’s classes offer a first, methodical and enjoyable, familiarization with the visual arts, through creative engagement with a variety of techniques (painting, ceramics, engraving, constructions). Children are introduced to the exciting world of art, as their desire for experimentation and exploration is enhanced through a variety of sensory experiences. Particular attention is paid to their first, but decisive, encounter with works of art from different categories and periods.

Adult/High School classes:

In total, there are 17 departments with 200 students, 76 of whom attend painting classes, 78 ceramics classes, 10 hagiography classes and 36 art history classes.

The adult courses (painting, ceramics, Byzantine iconography and art history) are addressed to people aged 16 and above and offer the opportunity of a specialised and systematic apprenticeship in these areas, while a special certificate is offered after three or two-year cycles of attendance.

Those who wish to engage in depth in the specific areas of the visual arts participate in them. The study is not only focused on the acquisition of expressive media through the learning of the relevant techniques, but also extends to the exploration of a number of issues related to them.

The painters teaching at the Art Workshop are Avramopoulou Iphigeneia, Agathou Chryssa,  Karali Vasiliki, Karatza Anna,  Spiliopoulou Evangelia, Stamou Vasiliki, Ferentinos Panagiotis, Fountzoulas Alexios, Bressoud Ganaelle, the ceramicists Kanellopouloy Maria, Methenitis Spyros, the hagiographer-painter Lamprinakos Petros and the art historian Giannouli Polyxeni

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