Title: MSc Program Port Management and coastal economy

Scientific Discipline:
Maritime Studies

University of Piraeus


2 semesters or 4 semesters (part-time)



The Postgraduate Program “Port Management and coastal economy” is offered by the Department of Maritime Studies of the University of Piraeus and provides theoretical and practical knowledge and skills at the postgraduate level in the fields of Coastal Economy, Port Economics and Policy, Management and Operation of ports and port facilities and Port Logistics Management. The purpose of the program is:

  • To provide advanced interdisciplinary knowledge on interlinked issues related to the global and domestic port industry.
  • To develop in-depth interdisciplinary research in the areas of Organization, Management, and operation of ports and port facilities and coastal economy.
  • To prepare competent executives who will be able to contribute to the development, modern, efficient, and economically feasible operation of the country’s ports, as well as the resources used in coastal economic activities.
  • To meet the needs for specialized knowledge of postgraduate level executives of enterprises and public bodies.

More specifically, the increasing challenges faced by the sector of economic activities in the maritime coastal area and the port sector as a result of trends and developments in the fields of Economy, Administration, Technology, and institutional and legal framework are shaping a new environment in which future executives are called to provide solutions and prospects. It is therefore clear that executives are needed who understand the complexity and interdisciplinarity of the administration and management of ports and port facilities, as well as the activities of the maritime coastal area, and know in depth the sectors that make up the port industry, including the legal and regulatory frameworks that govern port operations. Therefore, graduates of the MSC are expected to acquire extensive and in-depth knowledge of the theory that helps them to creatively process the general problems that arise in the industry, and to develop the necessary practical, empirical knowledge and skills in order to continue their careers in the industry.

The MSc program awards a Postgraduate Diploma entitled “Port Management and coastal economy”. A total of sixty ECTS credits are required to obtain the Postgraduate diploma. The duration of study is two academic semesters and two additional semesters for students who will choose the option of part-time study program. The courses are taught in person and by means of distance learning during the semesters. The MSc program operated for the first year in 2021 (Government Gazette 5995 T.B 31/12/2020) and is part of the overall effort of the Department of Maritime Studies to meet the modern needs and requirements of Human Resources Training in the field, research, and market needs.

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