Title: MSc in Migration Studies: Management of Migratory and Refugee Flows in Europe

Scientific Discipline:
Migration studies

University of the Aegean


3 semesters

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The post-graduate Program ‘Migration Studies: Management of Migratory and Refugee Flows in Europe is a new, original concept instigated by the Department of Sociology of the University of the Aegean. It is the first international Master’s degree in Migration Studies (MMS) in Greece to be entirely taught in English and one of the few European Courses that articulately combines interdisciplinary perspectives on issues of migration. The University of the Aegean, with a distinct semantic meaning as it is based in Mytelene, Lesvos, offers a rich and comprehensive curriculum and a unique approach. It comprises on-line courses as well as fieldwork and workshops available for students to gain hands-on experience in the existing refugee accommodation facilities of Lesvos, offering a multidisciplinary perspective on migration studies through courses and extracurricular opportunities.

This interdisciplinary master’s degree provides a comprehensive analysis of global migration, forced displacement and mobility, covering a multifold of major contemporary debates in the current context of globalization and the recent migration and health crisis. Emphasis is drawn to contemporary discourse and debates on the following courses: History Of Migration And Forced Displacement. Humanitarian Law And Human Rights, Medical Anthropology And Population Mobility, Best Practices In Health Intercultural Mediation, Vulnerable Population Groups, Basic Terms In Statistics, Epidemiology And Demography In Migration Studies, Migration And Asylum Polices In Greece And In The EU, Securing Refugee And Migrant Rights, Migrant Integration Polices In Action, Crime And Crime Policies In Forced Migration, Immigration as Discourse.

Students are thus introduced to basic theoretical concepts and are trained by scholars and professionals with a prolonged experience in migration, human rights advocacy, global health, statistics, epidemiology, and humanitarianism. Valuable synergies with renowned actors in the field, NGOs and essential stakeholders will enhance the students’ capacity, their critical and evidence-based approach, and will serve them, as future experts in migration and forced displacement, to further promote social science and humanitarian research. Students can further pursue a career in governmental bodies and non-governmental organizations, as well as within the increasing number of domestic or international public and private stakeholders, addressing the challenges in the refugee, human rights or humanitarian fields.

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Academic Year 2023 – 2024 Syllabus