Title: MSc in Geographic Information Systems GIS from the University of Athens offers remote studies

Scientific Disciplines:
Computer Science

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


4 semesters

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The postgraduate program ‘’Geographic Information Systems’’ is organised by the Faculty of Geology & Geoenvironment, school of Science, of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. It provides specialized knowledge on GIS, Technology, Computer and Environmental Sciences, so that graduate scientists are able to meet the demands of new scientific challenges and technological requirements, in areas that focus on spatial information analysis and the development of relevant tools. Geographic Information Systems is a vibrant growing field, with multiple applications in scientific investigations, resource management, development planning, governance and preventing mechanisms, thus the MSc GIS degree is an asset to the graduate’s career. The lessons are conducted in English. The courses begin with an introduction to the basic concepts, features, capabilities and applications of GIS and gradually rises to a high level of complex processing in Geographic Information Systems, including Geospatial Modelling and Analysis, Remote Sensing, Geospatial Databases and Data Mining, Web and Mobile GIS Applications, Cartography and Visualization, GIS Programming, spatial Statistics, Decision making, Scientific Research and Natural Hazard Modelling. On the 3rd semester students can select specialized GIS courses focusing on their personal background within one of the following fields: Environment, Archaeology, Economy and Health Science.

The program follows the European standards and a total of 120 credits (ECTS) are required to obtain the postgraduate diploma. The duration of studies is 4 academic semesters.

Entrant students will earn free access to ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online platform during their studies.

The Program is mainly addressed to candidates coming in general from:

  • School of Science
  • Computer and Engineering Schools
  • Departments of Geography
  • Agriculture
  • Medical Schools
  • Archaeology
  • Finance

Applications will remain open until 30 of September 2023!

For the admission of students to the postgraduate program “Geographic Information Systems”, the necessary supporting documents should be sent to [email protected]

You may visit Postgraduate Program Geographic Information Systems website for further information: