Scientific disciplines:



International Hellenic University and Democritus University of Thrace


Full-time: 3 semesters
Part-time: 6 semesters

Application deadline:
20 September 2021, or until filled (50)

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Purpose of the Interinstitutional-Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program of the Physics Department of the International Hellenic University, provided in collaboration with the Departments of Chemistry and of Management Science and Technology, and the Department of Social Work of the Democritus University of Thrace, is the provision of specialized pedagogical and didactics training to teachers of all levels of education, as well as to all university graduates who are employed or will be employed in formal education and adult education. In particular, the goal of the Program is education through innovative processes and methods related to the emergence of new research areas in teaching and pedagogy using modern technologies, high level knowledge of modern teaching models, development of e-learning tools and learning management systems. All of the above will be taught with the help of New Technologies, specially designed and adapted to Didactics and Pedagogy both at a theoretical and a practical level.

During their registration, students will have to choose their field of specialization:

1st Specialization: Didactics of Exact Sciences / Economics / Engineering

2nd Specialization: Didactics of Social Sciences / Humanities / Law

For the selection of the candidates, a specific procedure is followed, during which their certified qualifications are scored. The scoring process is available in detail on the Program’s website, as well as all details about the supporting documents required for submitting an application (http://dst.ihu.gr/).

The following have the right to participate in the selection procedure:

  1. For the specialization in “Didactics of Exact Science / Economics / Engineering “: Graduates of Departments of Exact Sciences, Economics, Engineering and related subjects of domestic universities and the corresponding departments abroad and the School of Fine Arts
  2. For the specialization in “Didactics of Social Sciences / Humanities / Law“: Graduates of Departments of Social and Pedagogical Sciences, Humanities, Law and related subjects of domestic universities and the corresponding departments abroad

For the evaluation of the candidates, all required supporting documents are considered, with an emphasis on the following:

  • The University or Technical University Degree’s relation to the Program’s subject
  • The general degree grade (GPA)
  • The performance in undergraduate courses related to the Program’s subject.
  • Computer knowledge
  • The research, teaching and professional experience
  • The general education and training of the candidates, in relation to the Program’s subject.

Applications and supporting documents may be submitted or sent by post at the Secretariat of the Program of I.H.U. (Agios Loukas, 65404, Kavala) or electronically submitted on the Program’s website.

Tuition fees: 3500€

The Program provides a certification of Pedagogical and Teaching Adequacy to its graduates.