Title: MSc in Architectural and Structural Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings and Complexes


Scientific Discipline

University of West Attica


3 semesters(full-time).


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The school of Civil Engineering of the University of West Attica has been organizing the post-graduate program MSc in Architectural and Structural Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings and Complexes.

The aim of this course of study is the postgraduate education and research of graduates of universities of higher education in Greece and abroad on issues related to key concepts, methodological axes and especially the application of issues related to the restoration of historic buildings and ensembles on a regional, national and European scale. The immersion in these subjects – both on a theoretical and applied level – constitutes the main educational orientation and underpins the research axes of the Program (key concepts and implementation tools, procedures and decision-making bodies, European and national policies, regulatory framework of European Directives, national legislation and case law, etc.).

Simultaneously, the aim of the MSc is the preparation of a specialized scientific workforce, which will have the ability to directly enter the job market and meet the increasing professional demand that is observed internationally in this field, both in the private sector (restoration studies of historic buildings and ensembles, studies for the promotion of cultural heritage, expertise, certifications, etc. etc. – design degrees in categories 6 – architecture, 7 – special architecture, 8 – structural engineering, 9 – mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering, 16 – topography), and in the wider public sector (staffing of services, provision of specialized expertise by qualified scientists, staffing of consultancy services, audit mechanisms, certification mechanisms, etc.).

Specifically for graduates in Civil Engineering, the content of the MSc has been designed in such a way that the scientific and professional scope of the specialty is significantly expanded, the knowledge base for responding to the respective needs of the Greek and international job market is structured and the requirements of technology and academic research can be met, along with the expansion of theoretical and practical knowledge in restoration issues and in the design of protection of the environment.

The aim of the MSc is to deepen the issues of restoration on a theoretical and applied level, with emphasis on its interrelated main components – architectural and structural.

The MSc is oriented towards working people; therefore it offers flexible attendance, using modern distance learning methods.

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