Title: MSc Architecture and Structural Restoration of Historic Buildings and Ensembles


Scientific Discipline:
Architecture and Structural Restoration

University of West Attica


3 semesters



The MSc “Architecture and Structural Restoration of Historic Buildings and Ensembles (A.D.O.A.P.)”, is a continuation of the similar and homonymous MSc founded in 2017 (Government Gazette 2364 /t.B./12-7-2017), operating from the academic year 2017-2018 from the Department of Civil Engineering T. E. of the former TEI of Piraeus T.T. and from the academic year 2020-2021 (Government Gazette 1499/v.B’/21-4-2020) by the (successor) relevant Department of Civil Engineering of the University of West Attica, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 4521/2018.

Subject of the MSc “A.D.O.A.P.” is the postgraduate teaching and research on the issues of protection and restoration of historic buildings and ensembles as they arise on a European, national and regional scale, as well as on the corresponding institutional tools and procedures for the implementation of techniques for the protection of built cultural heritage from the scale of the building and the building detail to the scale of the urban unit and the city and in a time range covering up to the twentieth century. The MSc “A.D.O.A.P.” offers a comprehensive study of the interrelated – architectural and structural – components of the restoration process, while also dealing with both the historic building as an individual object of study and historic housing complexes as a complex issue, in which structural, architectural, urban planning, social, historical, cultural, developmental, legislative, etc. parameters are involved.

In-depth study of these subjects – not only on a theoretical but especially on an applied level – is a basic educational and research orientation of the programme. In parallel, the aim of the MSc “A.D.O.A.P.” is the production of qualified scientific potential that can be directly integrated into the labour market and meet the increasing professional demand observed internationally in this field, both in the private sector (restoration and promotion of cultural heritage studies, expert opinions, certifications, etc.) and in the wider public sector (staffing of services, provision of specialised know-how by expert scientists, staffing of consultancy services, auditing mechanisms, certification mechanisms, etc.).

The MSc awards a Diploma of Postgraduate Studies (MSc) in Architecture and Structural Restoration of Historic Buildings and Enclosures with reference to the direction completed by the student, i.e. the following directions:

α) Direction ‘Architectural Restoration of Historic Buildings and Contexts’, i.e. a) a) ‘Architecture and Structural Restoration of Historic Buildings and Contexts’, as follows

(b) Direction ‘Structural Restoration of Historic Buildings and Contexts’.

In the MSc “A.D.O.A.P.” are admitted graduates of higher education institutions of the domestic territory or similar recognized institutions of foreign countries, who wish to acquire scientific specialization in the broader cognitive area of the MSc and come from Faculties and Departments of Polytechnics, Faculties and Departments of Engineering of Universities, Departments of Engineering of Technical Universities or A.S.P.A.I.T.E, Departments of History – Archaeology, Faculties of Philosophy of Universities or other scientific fields and specialisations which, where appropriate, may be considered relevant by the Board of the MSc during the evaluation of the candidates.

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