Message of choice and freedom!

In the wake of the national anniversary of the heroic “no”, the Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology comes to celebrate the liberating “yes”, our own “yes” to everything that makes us feel alive and that expresses us. What can that be? Our unique “yes” gives color and shape to our feelings, our dreams and our talents! Our own “yes” sets us apart, makes us be who we feel and like. But for every “yes” there is a “no”. For every “no” there is a “yes”.

The hidden secrets of “yes” and “no” set up their own – scientific – adventures and await their discovery through an experiential workshop of playful learning and spontaneous expression. Using the technologies of ancient Greek engineers and our ability to solve puzzles, we discover what choices scientists made for humanity and how these choices changed the world! Were these choices important? Yes or no? Or were they both yes and no? Everyone has their own answer, inspiration and imagination! Everyone has their own message of choice and freedom!

Date and Time: Sunday 29 October, at 12:00

Duration: 60’

Ages: Kids 6-12 y.o. |families

Tickets starting at: Kids 7 euros|  parents 5 euros

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