Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology is counting down to the future! What will it be? Together with Archimedes, we will re-meter the universe – scientifically, experimentally and tangibly – through a special workshop!

The secrets of ancient Greek technology come to reveal the knowledge, calculations and specialised measuring instruments with which ancient Greek engineers “put the world in order”. From the earth’s soil to the moon and the realm of the fading stars, mathematical ideas and ingenious experiments in precision fixed the rule of geometry and created the basis of analytical measurement on a… space level!

How exactly did Archimedes manage to measure the distance between the earth and the moon without the existence of spaceships or even telescopes in his time? And how was he able to mathematically simulate the movements of the planets and predict solar eclipses? These and other enigmas will take us to the great ‘neighbourhood’ of the universe.

Date and Time: Saturday 11  and Sunday 12 November, at 12:00

Duration: 60’

Ages: Children 6 till 12 y.o.

Ticket Prices: 8 euros

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