The third place among the 20 teams that participated in the International Student Mathematical Competition SEEMOUS 2023 (South Eastern Mathematical Olympiad for University Students), was taken by the student team of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Specifically, the members of the team received the following individual distinctions:

Gold Medal – Demosthenes Pavlidis (2nd year, Department of Physics) and 7th in the overall ranking

Silver medal – Ioannis Iakovakis (2nd year, Department of Mathematics), Konstantinos Fotiadis (1st year, Department of Mathematics), Ioannis Dimoulios (2nd year, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Bronze medal – Platon Stamboulidis (2nd year, Department of Mathematics)

The leader of the delegation was the first year postgraduate student of the Department of Mathematics Dimitrios Tsintsilidas, while the scientific responsible for the SEEMOUS Competition was the President of the Department of Mathematics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Ass. Professor Romanos-Diogenis Malikiosis.

The SEEMOUS Competition was organized by the Mathematical Society of South Eastern Europe (MASSEE). 83 students from six countries participated in this year’s competition.

The aim of the Competition is to identify the best students in Mathematics in South Eastern Europe. This year’s SEEMOUS competition was the 17th and took place in Struga, North Macedonia.

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