A series of Open Online Courses of high quality by specialized scientists and professors of major and distinguished institutions in Greece and abroad, will now be available from the Department of Medicine of AUTH to the general public.

The Special Unit of Biomedical Research and education (e.M.VI.E.E.) of the Department of Medicine of auth developed a platform for hosting open digital courses of type MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). The courses are conducted by scientists and professors of Medicine and related sciences, such as biology, pharmacy, Physics, Chemistry, under the guidance and supervision of E.M.VI.E.E.

The courses are offered free of charge and there is the possibility of granting a certificate of successful attendance. The courses are addressed both to the general public interested in public health issues and to the academic community of all institutions in the country.

The platform where the courses are hosted is easy and particularly friendly to use. The hosting platform is openEDX, it is free software and is developed in collaboration with leading institutions, such as M.I.T. and Harvard. It is necessary to register in it, which is done immediately and free of charge, as well as pre-registration in the courses at the time of their announcement.

Classes begin! Registration opened

What are clinical studies? what is the objective of a clinical trial? How is it implemented? is the institutional framework governing the conduct of clinical studies adequate? How are new medicines developed? what are the differences between original and generic medicines? what is the role of volunteers in clinical studies;

The first lesson, on the topic “clinical studies”, will answer the above questions in a simple and understandable way. The course will be available on Monday, January 9, 2023. The teaching staff of the course is the former President of the Department of Medicine of auth Om. Professor Asterios Karagiannis and an Professor of the laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology of auth George Papazisis.

More information and pre-registration at the link: https://openlearn4health.auth.gr/

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