A new Undergraduate Studies Programme entitled “Film Writing, Practice and Research Studies” has been established, which will be offered by the School of Applied Arts and Sustainable Design of the Hellenic Open University, in collaboration with the International Short Film Festival of Drama.  The programme is expected to be operational from the spring semester of the academic year 2022-2023 and the courses will be conducted remotely, while face-to-face workshops will be held in the city of Drama.

The programme “Film Writing, Practice & Research Studies” aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge to work in various fields of audiovisual and film productions, giving them the theoretical and practical skills in an extensive range of fields. At the same time, it is pioneering, providing quality higher distance education beyond the ‘conventional’ film-related subjects. It will delve into issues of film writing and storytelling, provide knowledge in the field of animation and enable teaching competence through innovative courses that link audiovisual production and education.

The programme is a four-year programme, i.e. eight (8) academic semesters, and students will be admitted each semester.

The operation of the programme, in combination with the dynamics (and the infrastructure) of the Drama Festival, which every year welcomes the “new blood” of Greek and international film production, is expected to strengthen the educational role of the Festival and of course to promote the city of Drama as one of the preeminent film centres of the Balkans and Europe: a city identified with education and the promotion of tomorrow’s filmmakers.