Title: Distance Learning Executive MBA

Scientific Discipline

Aegean University

Language of instruction:

2 semesters (full-time).


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The Executive MBA of the University of the Aegean is a pioneering, competitive and essential postgraduate program that is implemented through the use of distance learning techniques. It is addressed to the entrepreneur and the professional who is pursuing a career in the management of businesses and organisations.

The educational process of the Executive MBA is innovative and tailored to the needs of our working students. Students visit the University of the Aegean in Chios only once, at the beginning of the program. All other lectures are delivered using modern remote-education technology. Flexibility in the implementation of the courses is a strong advantage of our educational process.

The Executive MBA has an External Advisory Board consisting of 5 market executives from various sectors or academics, who have worked or intend to work with our graduates in the future. The members of this Committee share the same vision for the e-MBA and based on their personal ideas and experiences to contribute to the further development of the graduate program.

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