The Department of Environmental Engineering of the Demokritus University of Thrace organizes and operates during the academic year 2024-2025 (for the 14th year) a three (3) semester Master’s Program in the subject

Environmental Engineering and Science

A maximum of forty (40) Post-Graduate Students are to join the Program, who must be graduates of Polytechnic Schools, Schools of Applied Sciences, Schools of Environment and Ecology and Agricultural Schools of local universities or recognized foreign Institutions, as well as graduates of Departments ΕΤΕΙ of a relevant cognitive subject, in accordance with the provisions of the current provisions.

PMS awards a Master’s Diploma (MPS) with the title ” Environmental Engineering and Science ” with the following specializations:

(1) Climate change, renewable energy sources and energy planning of buildings and settlements,

(2) Technology and Waste Management,

(3) New Technologies in Water Resources Management 

For the awarding of the BMI, it is required:

a) the successful examination in eight (8) subjects,

b) the monitoring of the distance Seminar and

c) the preparation and writing of the Master’s Thesis, which takes place during the third semester of studies. The subject of the master’s thesis is assigned to the master’s students until the beginning of the third semester of studies.

For the convenience of employees, classes will be held during week days from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (UTC + 2h) apart from one day that lectures would start at 4:00 pm due to seminar presentation, with 100% distance learning including exams and dissertation completion.

A condition for registration is the payment of tuition fees of €750 per semester, for the first three semesters of studies, which are non-refundable , in case of interruption of attendance at the PMS. Exemption from tuition fees is possible, according to article 86 of Law 4957/2022 (Government Gazette A’ 141, 21-7-2022), which defines the economic, social and excellence criteria (basic degree level equal or greater than 7.5). Exempted students will not exceed 30% of the total number of students admitted to the PMS.

Interested parties are invited to submit the following documents electronically. Each document will be a separate pdf file :

  1. Application to the Secretariat of the Department of Environmental Engineering, by completing the corresponding word file from the PMS website ( application-2024-2025 ).
  2. Copy of Diploma-Degree. Attention: In the event that candidates are expected to graduate within the next examination period of the announcement and there are pending courses or the diploma/graduate thesis, a responsible declaration that the degree is to be obtained must be submitted no later than the examination period of September and will be submitted thereafter .
  3. Certificate of Analytical Score.
  4. Complete CV in electronic format.
  5. A degree documenting a good knowledge of at least one foreign language (level B2 and above), preferably English.
  6. Photocopy of police ID.
  7. Responsible declaration of Law 1599/86: (1) For the authenticity of the submitted documents and (2) That they are not enrolled in another Master’s Program.

All of the above must be submitted via email to the Department of Environmental Engineering secretariat at as pdf attachments . In the subject of the message it should be written: Application for the PMS “Environmental Engineering and Science”.

Two letters of recommendation in electronic format are also required , which must be sent by the referees directly to the electronic address [email protected] . In the subject of the message, write: Letter of recommendation for the NAME OF THE CANDIDATE for the “Environmental Engineering and Science” MSc. The corresponding word file to be completed is available on the PMS website ( recommendation-letter-2024-2025 ).

The first submission deadline is Monday 8 July 2024. After this deadline, applications will be assessed and, as long as there are vacancies, they will be filled at the next submission deadline, which will be Wednesday 2 October 2024 , with a scheduled start courses in the second fortnight of October 2024.

The evaluation criteria are the average score of the degree, the relevance of the undergraduate thesis to the subject of the PMS, possible publications in proceedings of scientific conferences, possible publications in scientific journals and relevant professional experience.

The Department of Environmental Engineering reserves the right not to offer a course or not to operate a PMS specialization if there are serious reasons, such as when the number of registered graduate students in a course is equal to or less than two (2). In all other cases, lessons will be taught.

The call for expressions of interest is subject to the issuance of relevant decisions by the competent body.

Additional information about the study program and the operation of PMS can be found on the website of PMS ( Additional information is provided by the Director of the Postgraduate Studies Program, Professor Mr. Stamatis Zoras via e-mail at [email protected] (or alternatively from the PMS Secretariat: Mr. Foivos Sotiriadis, [email protected], +30-698-6651261 ).

It is noted that the PMS is recognized by the ASEP in subjects related to environmental issues and environmental technologies.

Information material is available on the website and on the Facebook page

The Chairman of the Department of Environmental Engineering

Prof. S. Dougias

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