Registration for the new cycle of Art History courses concerning the 19th and 20th centuries has begun at the Telloglou Residence (2 Aristotelous Street, 4th floor).

The two-hour courses are aimed at those who want to get to know a little better the art and its production during the 19th and 20th centuries. The course consists of fourteen (14) two-hour lessons during which participants will come into contact with the historical context and conditions under which artistic expression of each period was formed, become familiar with its artistic currents and travel to the beginnings of the creation of famous works through colour and drawing.

The courses are open to everyone, with the only common starting point being an interest and the desire to explore art.

Duration: 6 March 2024 – 12 June 2024

Day & time: Wednesday 19:30-21:30

A minimum number of ten participants is required. In the event that the course cannot be implemented, an extension of registration is granted and if the number of participants is still not reached, a refund of tuition fees is made.

After the start of the classes, there is no refund of tuition fees.

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