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11 – 18 July

40 young
musicians aged 14-24 (strings, woodwinds, piano) will have the opportunity to share a unique musical experience during the week of 11-18 July, to learn from renowned Greek soloists and pedagogues and to perform in chamber music ensembles, thanks to the Art Campus 2022 programme organized by the Friends of Music Association in collaboration with the Athens Conservatory and the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki.Submit applications by 15 April

The programme will be hosted at the state-of-the-art facilities of Perrotis College, in the enchanting landscape of the American Farm School of Thessaloniki and will culminate with concerts at the Athens Concert Hall and the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

The program is offered free of charge, thanks to the kind sponsorship of Mrs. Fotini Livanou.

The Art Campus educational programme of the Friends of Music Association was established exactly ten years ago, with the aim of offering young musicians the opportunity to develop their skills under the guidance of leading teachers, to broaden their horizons and, through the educational process, to collaborate with each other, creating fruitful relationships for their lives and their art. Art Campus is one of the many educational and cultural activities of the Friends of Music Association, the organization that inspired the founding of the Athens Concert Hall 65 years ago and which today continues to actively participate in the cultural life of the country.

To date, more than 30 young Greek musicians (string players, wind players, pianists, guitarists and lyric singers) have participated in the annual meetings of the Art Campus, participated in master classes for solo instruments and voice, created musical ensembles, performed works as soloists with orchestra and appeared in concerts open to the public at the premises of the Art Campus and in Athens, at the Athens Concert Hall.

From the summer of 2022 and for at least three years, the educational activities of Art Campus will focus on Chamber Music Ensembles . For the artistic and educational design of the new programme, the Association “The Friends of Music” has collaborated with the two historical and oldest music educational institutions in the country, the Athens Conservatory (founded in 1871) and the Thessaloniki State Conservatory (founded in 1914), both of which are non-profit organizations, subsidized by the Ministry of Culture.

This year, young musicians will have the opportunity to participate in chamber music ensembles and to learn from renowned Greek soloists and pedagogues with long experience in teaching and performing classical music (as soloists and as members of ensembles and orchestras):

Vassilis Varvaressos, piano

Dimos Gountarouli, cello

Tito Gouvelis, piano

Yannis Korbetis, violin

Antonis Manias, viola

Spyros Mourikis, clarinet


The main objective is, on the one hand, the promotion of an important repertoire from the classical to the contemporary era, and on the other hand, the promotion and creation of new musical ensembles that will emerge through the educational environment of the programme. It is the hope of all of us that a new culture of education and cooperation will be established, which will offer clear professional outlets for young musicians. To this end, the winning ensembles will have the opportunity to participate in concerts to be held in the autumn of 2022 at the Athens Concert Hall and the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

Young musicians aged 14-24 years old (strings, woodwinds, piano), graduates and diploma holders of any music educational institution recognized by the Ministry of Culture (Conservatories, Music Schools), students or graduates of the music departments of higher education institutions (TEI) are eligible to participate in the Art Campus. The selection of the participants will be made after an audition of the interested parties by sending a video.

After their selection, the participants, under the guidance of the teachers, will form individual musical ensembles (duets, trios, quartets, quintets and larger ensembles, string ensembles, wind ensembles, mixed and small piano ensembles) in order to perform selected works that will be given to them in time for study.

The Friends of Music Association offers tuition fees to the young musicians, who will pay only part of their accommodation and full board costs at a very low cost.

The deadline for online applications and video sends is Friday, April 15, 2022.


More information:

Contact: [email protected]


The Art Campus takes place

with the kind sponsorship of Mrs. Fotini Livanou

and with the support of the American Farm School of Thessaloniki.

Director of the Friends of Music Association: Alexandros Harkiolakis

Art Campus artistic supervision: Efi Averof-Michaelidou

Director & Production Management: Olga Kalogriadou