Title: MSc Policies and Applied Methods for the Protection of the Environment


Scientific Discipline

University West Attica


3 semesters (full-time).


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The Postgraduate Program “Policies and Applied Methods for the Protection of the Environment” is organized independently by the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of West Attica, deals with modern practices in the whole range of environmental subject and opens a new and dynamically developing professional field to the participants. It is approved by the Ministry of Education (Government Gazette of Re-establishment 3484/21.08.2018 and Government Gazette of Regulation B 837/05.02.2024), is conducted in Greek and has a total duration of three (3) academic semesters. This MSc is oriented towards employees; therefore it offers flexible attendance, teaching in the evening hours, using modern distance learning methods.

The aim of the MSc “Policies and Applied Methods for the Protection of the Environment” is to provide high quality postgraduate education on scientific issues related to the key concepts, the methodological axes and especially the application of techniques, technologies and policies of environmental protection as well as socio-economic, management and institutional issues directly related to environmental planning and the impacts of projects and activities in the context of the United Nations Convention on the Protection of the Environment. In particular, the holder of the degree has the ability to respond to the respective needs of the job market and academic research and to broaden his/her theoretical and practical knowledge on the environmental dimension of design and construction and the ways of protecting the natural and man-made environment at the level of techniques, procedures and policies of their implementation.

The Program places particular emphasis on the implementation processes of current environmental policies and practices at national and regional, transnational, European and international level and offers knowledge that is up-to-date, realistic and relevant to professional demand (projects – studies, industrial – business activities, public – private services & organizations, planning – strategies). It is addressed primarily to graduates and executives of the public or private sector or freelance professionals of any specialty, who wish to become active in the whole range of environmental policy implementation.

Students have the opportunity to cooperate with eminent professors with world-wide scientific recognition and long experience in environmental policy-making (members of EU organizations, national representatives, Faculty members of universities). Students have also the opportunity to continue their research through a PhD in the wide field of environmental planning and design.

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