Cultural Foundation of Tinos

Cultural Foundation of Tinos
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Cultural Foundation of Tinos

The Cultural Foundation of Tinos (ITIP) is a public benefit, non-profit institution, sponsored and supported by the Sacred Foundation of the Church of the Annunciation. Purpose of the foundation is the research, study, and promotion of historic cultural heritage of the island along with the natural and man-made environment and the designation of Tinian people’s artistic and spiritual accomplishments. In addition, the institution aims at the enhancement, encouragement and promotion of young artists and spiritual people’s endeavors, within the framework of maintenance and carrying on the tradition which has established Tinos in national level and brought the island into spotlight, classifying it in a prominent position concerning visual arts.

The neoclassical building that houses the Cultural Foundation of Tinos dominates the waterfront of Chora, the capital of Tinos. The building was originally constructed in 1925 by Argyris Viridakis as a large hotel. It was bought by the Sacred Foundation of the Church of the Annunciation in 1977, while the inauguration of the renovated building took place in 2001.

Ίδρυμα Τηνιακού Πολιτισμού

Cultural Foundation of Tinos

The general object of the Foundation’s activities is the cultivation of education and culture, the information and contact of the inhabitants and visitors of Tinos with music, arts, and sciences, by organizing and institutionalizing visual art programs and exhibitions, presenting in Tinos modern and earlier visual art trends. In parallel with the organization of musical, literary and other events, through productions, cultural and educational activities and the development of international collaborations, contemporary creators in all fields of culture receive the opportunity of becoming prominent. At the same time, educational programs are organized for children, as well as lifelong learning programs for people of all ages.

These activities are developed throughout the year, seeking to touch the interests of a large part of the island’s residents and visitors, with themes that follow a consistent continuum and try to combine the modern with tradition, the local with the geographically wider.

Cultural Foundation of Tinos

Furthermore, in the building of the Cultural Foundation of Tinos operate fully equipped conference rooms, capable of meeting the requirements of medium-sized conferences with the aim of promoting Tinos as a conference tourism destination.

In the Cultural Foundation of Tinos, the effort, the will, and the pursuit for continuous improvement of its programs and services are continuous, enriching the special character of the cultural and spiritual life of Tinos.

The Cultural Foundation of Tinos houses the permanent exhibitions of works by Giannoulis Halepas and other contemporary Greek artists, highlighting the great tradition of the island in the art of sculpture.

Cultural Foundation of Tinos

Director/ contact person: Markos Vidalis


Cultural Foundation of Tinos

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