• Trimi Antigoni – Visual psychotherapist
  • Michalos Konstantinos – Artist

The work, from the moment it is formed, acquires its own substance in space and time, is composed and articulated through its plastic elements, the technical approaches, the tasks it receives from the various currents of art, and stands against both the viewer and the creator as a symbolized code of a relationship that needs to be met in order to be realized.

In this workshop, a visual artist and a visual psychotherapist will use the tools, the means, the knowledge and experience that each one brings from his field, and together with the participants will enter into a process of Investigation and visualization of the visual work, mapping and developing the two-way relationships between the expressive arts, so that the mystery and complexity of the work find paths of encounter with the perception for its decoding and meaning.

The workshop is addressed to artists, visual psychotherapists, educators, mental health counselors, and those who are interested in expanding their relationship with art and visual work through the subjectivity of their perspective and perception.

In the workshop, various techniques of the visual arts will be applied, there will be an investigation – study and experimentation on the plastic possibilities of each material, so that all this can be translated into image, speech, text, movement, expression.

The meetings will be once a month and will last 6 hours

Day: Saturday and hours : 10:00 am – 16:00

Days of conduct: 21/1/2023, 18/2/2023, 1/4/2023, 22/4/2023, 27/5/2023, 24/6/2023

Cost: 380 euros (with the possibility of 4 installments)

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