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The Promotion and Development Section of the University of Cyprus announces its next lifelong learning program, which will be held on May 11, 2021.

This program is addressed to those interested in installing a photovoltaic system in homes, businesses and plots of land (photovoltaic parks). Through the program, participants will be provided with valuable counsel for choosing the right, reliable and technologically advanced photovoltaic equipment. This includes solar panels, power converters / inverters, electrical equipment, protecting the photovoltaic system from birds, protecting the roof insulation, as well as telemetry, remote monitoring, maintenance and operation services. Furthermore, participants will be taught about the best ways of optimizing the production of a photovoltaic system by choosing the appropriate technologies, in order to meet their energy needs. In addition, participants will be informed about new funding and government subsidy programs, which will allow them to install a photovoltaic system with zero initial cost. Finally, they will learn about the liberalized electricity market and the EnergyXchange platform, which will facilitate the transition to this competitive market. The joint venture of this platform is coordinated by Eletoyia Photovoltaics (, while the University of Cyprus and EUROCY Innovation Ltd participate as collaborating institutions. Certificates of attendance will be issued.

The seminar will be conducted in Greek with distance learning methods.

Participation cost: 45-60€

Instructor: Dr. Giannis Tofis


Information: +357 22894356 (office hours), [email protected]