Medical history of the Revolution of 1821. The beginnings of the establishment of Greek public health, 1790 – 1831

Thanasis Barlagiannis



Date of publication:


Pages: 280

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At the end of the 18th century, the Ottoman Empire’s approach to the health of its subjects changed as well. The circulation of medical textbooks increased, the number of healers increased, and hospitals multiplied.  The book Medical History of the 1821 Revolution belongs to the special branch of medical history and attempts to bring together and summarize previous studies that have focused on individuals, health practices, health structures, etc.

The book covers the changes in Ottoman governance in terms of health and health care issues, studies the particular health consequences of the Revolution and the trials of populations, presents military medicine and its function in the years of the Revolution, examines the mechanisms of medical management of poverty.

Inevitably, the study of the constitution of public health in the critical years of the Revolution also highlights the changes in people’s attitudes and in terms of the relationship with the Church and the newly established Greek state.