Transformations of Time

Kotsanas Museum celebrates Time, the father of change and the mother of all nature. But what is Time? Is it one or many? Everyone has his or her own answer and together we know experientially the greatest scientific answers. Our motto is: “time in motion”!

Really, what can the movement of time be and what might it look like? Again, if times are many then how exactly do they meet each other? Is there a beginning and an end? An experiential playful learning workshop comes to reveal all the scientific secrets of time from antiquity to the present day. From Pythagoras, Aristotle and Ctesibius to Newton, Einstein and Stephen Hawking, time has been transformed many times in history and has taken some pretty strange forms in the universe. Using the technological inventions of the ancient Greek engineers and our creative imagination as a tool, we set up our own “time dance” step by step and discover a mosaic of time transformations from earthly gravity and stellar winds to electromagnetic gamma radiation and the space ripple of a stellar explosion. Which time movement would you choose?

Date and Time: Saturday 25  and Sunday 26 November, 12:00 

Duration: 60′

Ages: Children 6 to 12 years old| families

Ticket Prices: Children 8 euros| parents 5 euros

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