with an exhibition open to the public

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VERGOS Auctions concludes the year 2021 with its traditional auction of Modern Greek Painting & Sculpture, Historical & Philhellenic and Folk Art, comprising an impressive catalog of paintings by leading figures of the Greek artworld. The auction is structured in three extensive thematic units and will take place on Thursday 9 December at 18:30 in the ATHINAIS Cultural Centre.

Modern Greek Painting & Sculpture

The first unit begins a course in time with the works of the great masters of the 19th and 20th centuries such as Nikiforos Lytras, Georgios Iakovidis, Konstantinos Parthenis and Fotis Kontoglou, reaching to our days with modernist art by contemporary creators such as Pavlos [Dionysopoulos], Chryssa [Vardea] and Stephen Antonakos.

Interest is expected to focus on the works by contemporary artists, among which the “Greek Flag” by Pavlos (estimated price €30,000 – 40,000), “Biking on the hills” by Alekos Fasianos (estimated price €40,000-60,000) which is the hallmark of the artist’s course since 1966, with a childhood memory as the central theme, “Three figures (Women and child) by Expressionist Giorgos Bouzianis (estimated price €50,000-70,000). The works “Three sketches for a mural at the Athens Town Hall” by Fotis Kontoglou (estimated price €15.000-20,000) and “After the bath” by Konstantinos Parthenis (estimated price €200,000-300,000) are also expected to play a significant role in the auction.

The variety of the first unit is enirched by many more great artists covering the whole spectrum of Greek painting and sculpture; among them are the following: S. Vasiliou, K. Varotsos, G. Gaitis, A. Georgiou, D. Diamantopoulos, G.N. Eggonopoulos, G. Zoggolopoulos, G. Kottis, T. Mantzavinos, G. Moralis, D. Mytaras, G. Rorris, P. Samios, P. Tetsis, G. Tsarouchis, T. Tsigos, C. Tsoclis, S. Sorogas, V. Fotopoulos etc.

Historical & Philhellenic Art

This unit comprises, among other works, a series of paintings with themes from the Greek Revolution of 1821. The work “Consolation” by Pierre Bonirote with an estimated price of €15,000-20,000 is of particular interest, having inspired the relevant painting by Theodoros Vryzakis που αποτέλεσε πρότυπο για αντίστοιχο έργο του Θεόδωρου Βρυζάκη (“Consolation”, 1847). The Flag of Hydra (estimated price €15,000-20,000) is also expected to attract interest.

Folk Art

The last unit comprises folk art of the 18th,19th and 20th centuries, among which the belt with a gold-plated buckle with corals (Safranbolu, Asia Minor,
19th century)
at an estimated price of €4,000-6,000 and the wooden horse (first half of the 20th century) at an estimated price of €4,000-6,000.


The three-day exhibition with the works will take place in the auction venue on 6 to 8 December and will be open to the public.


For more information about the exhibition and the alternative ways to participate in the auction, visit www.vergosauctions.com