Title: Msc Public Health


Scientific Discipline:

University of Patras

Language of instruction:

2 semesters


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The Postgraduate Studies Program “Public Health” aims to provide a high level of postgraduate education to graduates of HEI and TEI in the field of Public Health and includes the study of the most important contemporary problems of Public Health, the study of ways of prevention and treatment, mainly at the level of social groups. These problems primarily concern the natural environment (e.g. water environment, air, pollution of the natural environment, food), the social environment (e.g. social behavior, way of living). The main objective of the MSc is to train graduates of various disciplines in the fields of planning, implementation and evaluation of public health programs and actions.

Additional objectives of the postgraduate program are:

  • To provide training in Public Health to scientists whose previous training and experience, enables them to engage in Public Health.
  • To provide training adapted to the different fields of origin of the candidates and to provide them with the bases for a future career opportunity in the field of Public Health.
  • To help the graduates of the Postgraduate Program acquire an important and deep  knowledge field in the subjects of Public Health.

After the full and successful completion of the curriculum, the MSc leads to the award of a Diploma of Postgraduate Studies in “Public Health” in the following specializations: a) Health and Environment b) – Preventive and Social Medicine.

The title is awarded by the Department of Medicine of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Patras.

Graduates of the faculties are accepted:

  • Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Health Finance
  • Law
  • Related Departments of Universities and Technological Education Institutions (TEI) of the country
  • Overseas recognized institutions abroad, whose degree has been recognized by Interdisciplinary Organization for the Recognition of Academic Degrees and Information (IORADI)

You may seek more information at: https://publichealth.med.upatras.gr/postgraduate-course-in-public-health/

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