Title: MSc in in Innovation, Technology and Business Management


Scientific Discipline:
Business Administration

Democritus University of Thrace


3 semesters (full-time),  (5 semesters) part-time study for working students


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The Postgraduate Program of Studies entitled "Master in Innovation, Technology and Business Management" is a second cycle program of studies with ninety (90) ECTS, lasting three (3) academic semesters and is completed with the award of a Postgraduate Diploma (MSc), level seven (7) of the National and European Qualifications Framework, in accordance with article 47 of Law 4763/2020.

The subject of the MSc is Business Administration with emphasis on the Technological, Technical-Construction and Industrial sectors. The MSc offers three specializations: a) Operations Management, Production and Logistics, b) Organizational and Product Design, and c) Systems Management and Technology.

The normal duration of studies is set at least three academic (3) semesters, including the time for any preparation and submission of a dissertation. The time related to the dissertation cannot be less than six (6) months. Also, part-time study is offered to working students, the duration of which cannot be less than five (5) academic semesters. Part-time attendance is also provided for non-working postgraduate students who are unable to meet the minimum requirements of the full-time program and for particularly serious cases. Postgraduate students are required to complete their postgraduate studies within five (full-time) or nine (part-time) academic semesters.

The total number of ECTS required to obtain the MSc is 90. In order to obtain the MSc, compulsory attendance and successful examination in all courses (10 in total) are required, which are allocated to the first two semesters of study (A' and B') (the first four semesters for part-time students). Of these, seven (7) are core and three (3) specialize. Both core and specialization courses are selected by students from broader groups of courses (the full list of courses can be found at the link https://msc.pme.duth.gr/). The duration of each delivery session is three hours (3). During the third (C') or fifth (E') semester of studies (full-time or part-time respectively) the preparation of the postgraduate thesis is required, the credits of which are set at 30. The language of the Program is Greek, while the language of writing the dissertation may also be English. The exact form of the assessment is determined by the instructors in relation to the nature of each course.

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