Title: MSc in Chemistry

Scientific Discipline:

University of Patras


3 semesters


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The Postgraduate Studies Program (MSc) of the Department of Chemistry, University of Patras, “Postgraduate Studies Program in Chemistry”, provides high-level postgraduate studies in various areas of Chemistry.

The “Postgraduate Studies Program in Chemistry” is the historical evolution of the MSc Studies Program, operating in the Department of Chemistry of the University of Patras since the academic year 1994-1995 and adopting over time the guidelines of the evaluations/certifications of the Department of Chemistry, as well as the constant amendments of the legal framework governing postgraduate studies in Greece.

In its modern evolution, the “Postgraduate Studies Program in Chemistry” treats academic studies and training in advanced and specialized topics of Chemistry with an emphasis on:

  1.  Chemistry and Technology of Materials with Applications to Industry, Energy and Environment,
  2. Analytical Chemistry and Nanotechnology.

Studies in the current “Postgraduate Studies Program in Chemistry” are a valuable asset to:

  1. the acquisition by postgraduate students of thorough and in-depth knowledge in modern quantitative and qualitative methods of synthesis, characterization and evaluation of materials, their familiarization with the use of modern technologies, the promotion of scientific excellence and research, the cultivation and development of leadership scientific capabilities,
  2. the expansion and promotion of theoretical and applied knowledge in the comprising topics of the Program through the courses offered by the Postgraduate Program Curriculum and the Research Diploma Thesis of the Students, respectively.
  3. the training of scientists capable of pursuing doctoral studies in relevant scientific areas,
  4. the creation of executives with a strong theoretical background and upgraded analysis skills in modern Industrial Production and Sustainable Development, capable to face the challenges of the modern era,
  5. to provide students with solid scientific knowledge and analytical research tools that will allow them to work as professional executives in positions of increased responsibilities.

The “Postgraduate Studies Program in Chemistry” is addressed to graduates of Higher Education Institutions of Greece or equivalent Institutions abroad, in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation. Candidates should have graduated from Departments related to the subject of the “Postgraduate Studies Program in Chemistry”, such as Departments of Schools of Sciences, Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Polytechnic Schools and Schools of Environment.

As a result of its design and orientation, the prospects for the “Postgraduate Studies Program in Chemistry” graduates are multiple and include:

  1. the possibility of academic/research evolvement starting from doctoral studies
  2. the professional employment of the postgraduates in the wider Private Sector. Indicative potential areas of employment are: Private Companies, Food Industries, Chemical Industries, Chemical Analysis Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Industries, Refineries, Plastics Industries, Paint Industries, Packaging Materials Industries, Biofuels Production Industries, Recycling Companies, Development Companies whose object is the development and promotion of new approaches to chemical synthesis and analysis,
  3. the employment of the postgraduates in central government and regional/local government structures. Examples: General Chemical State Laboratory, Hellenic Food Authority (HFA), Hospitals.

The “Postgraduate Studies Program in Chemistry”, after the full and successful completion of the Program Studies Curriculum, leads to the award of a Master of Science (MSc) in Chemistry.

The diploma is bestowed by the Department of Chemistry of the School of Natural Sciences of the University of Patras.

For more information about the objectives of this Program, you may visit http://www.msc.chem.upatras.gr/

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