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Harokopio University of Athens

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4 semesters


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The Department of Economics and Sustainable Development, School of Environment, Geography and Applied Economics, Harokopio University of Athens organizes and operates a Master’s Degree in “Education and Culture”, following the provisions of Law No. 4485/2017.

This Master’s programme has been created to equip graduates of Universities and Higher Technological Educational Institutions (TEI) with a comprehensive understanding of core concepts that underpin education, culture, and children’s or young people with or without special educational needs learning development. Specifically, the Programme aims to contribute to the development of specialized knowledge, understanding, and skills in matters related to the following: a) learning, teaching, cognitive and psychosocial development of children and adolescents, support of students with special educational needs and learning difficulties, b) organization and administration of educational units and c) art and culture, and their utilization in organized cultural education structures.

The Master in “Education and Culture” awards a Postgraduate Diploma in the following Specializations:

  1. Educational Psychology and Educational Practice, focusing on key areas associated with learning, teaching, cognitive and psychosocial development of children and adolescents, classroom management, interpersonal relationships at school, and support of students with special educational needs.
  2. Administration and Management of Educational Units, focusing on the principles of modern administration, human resources management, the influence of the type of leadership on the operation of an educational organization, organizational behavior, reception procedures decisions, and the constructive solution of organizational problems.
  3. Cultural Education, with a focus on the Greek cultural tradition, in relation to the European and world cultural heritage.

The Programme is a 2-year Full Study Programme which comprises 12 compulsory modules. The duration of study also includes the time required for the preparation and submission of the Dissertation. Additionally, the Programme includes a 500-hour internship in special and general education settings. The Internship, a separate course, is offered only to the students of the “Pedagogical Psychology and Educational Practice” Specialization.

The Masters “Education and Culture” supports a series of rewarding activities for its students, such as awards, scholarships, seminars, laboratory exercises, experiential personal development exercises, and educational exercises in schools, museums, institutions, and organizations that deal with culture. In addition, the Programme organizes conferences with free participation for its students, visits to museums and other places of culture, as well as educational excursions.

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