Title: ΜΑ Texts and Culture


Scientific Discipline:
Greek Philology

Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH)


3 semesters


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  1. General Information

The Department of Greek Philology (D.G.P.) of the Democritus University of Thrace (D.U.T.H.) offers a Postgraduate Programme of Studies (P.M.S.) entitled “Texts and Culture”, which is governed by scientific consistency and aims both at promoting the philological education of postgraduate students and at developing specific scientific research. Specifically, the Programme, in the context of the second cycle of studies, aims at broadening the knowledge of postgraduate students and increasing their specialization in the basic and individual specializations of philological science, as well as preparing them for the writing of a doctoral thesis. The Programme also aims to strengthen Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, as well as to meet the needs for qualified scholars in the public and private sectors in Greece and abroad.

    2. Structure of the Programme of Studies

For the award of the Diploma of Postgraduate Studies (P.S.P.), the successful completion of six (6) courses and the preparation of a Postgraduate Diploma Thesis (M.D.E.) is required. Teaching by distance education means is also provided for in accordance with current legislation, depending on the needs of the lecturers or postgraduate students.

The normal duration of study in the MSc is three (3) semesters and the maximum duration of study is six (6) semesters.

     3. Candidates

The P.S.P. is open to graduates of the first cycle of studies of the Departments of “Philology”, “History”, “Philosophy”, “History and Archaeology”, “History and Ethnology”, “History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology”, “History, Archaeology and Management of Cultural Assets”, “Theology”, “Social Theology”, “Pastoral and Social Theology”, “Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology”, “Philosophy and Pedagogy”, “Philosophy and Social Studies”, “Theatrical Studies” and “Theatre” and the Departments of Primary Education of the A. E.I. of the domestic or similar institutions abroad. The competent Secretariat checks whether the foreign institution awarding the title belongs to the National Register of Recognised Foreign Institutions and whether the type of this title belongs to the National Register of Types of Degree Titles of Recognised Institutions posted on the website of the D.O.A.T.A.P.

For each academic year, the number of admissions is set at thirty (30), namely: ten (10) for the Specialization in Classical Philology, ten (10) for the Specialization in Byzantine Philology-Palaeography and ten (10) for the Specialization in Modern Greek Philology. In the event that all ten (10) places in a specialisation are not filled, the remaining places may be taken up by the other specialisations.


  1. Tuition fees

The amount of the tuition fees for the entire Programme is set at one thousand five hundred euros (1.500€).

The fees may be paid in three equal instalments of five hundred euros (500€) at the beginning of each semester.

The possibility of exemption from the tuition fees in accordance with the legislation in force. Students who fall under the cases of article 86 of Law 4957/2022 are exempt from tuition fees. In any case, according to Law 4957/2022, the exempted students do not exceed thirty percent (30%) of the total number of students admitted to the P.G.S.