Water is the Earth’s most precious resource and source of life that has contributed and continues to contribute to the development and evolution of human civilisation. The rates of consumption by modern societies have already begun to cause a deterioration in the quality of water systems, while anthropogenic interference with water and the environment in general to meet material needs has accumulated numerous impacts on the environment. At the same time, even today there is great inequality in access to drinking water.

To reduce the negative impacts on the environment and limit the human footprint on climate change and lead to a prosperous world, a healthy planet, the Sustainable Development Goals propose: ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all, Climate Action, protecting life on water and working together to achieve the goals. Quality education for all is the basis for improving human life and sustainable development, paving the way for less inequality.

On the occasion of the World Water Day, the Museum of Science and Technology and the Department of Geology of the University of Patras, the Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education of Achaia-Environmental Education and the Region of Western Greece join forces for water. Having realized that “only if I know there is a chance to understand and protect the natural heritage”, museum and environmental education together, through experiential approach and interaction with the natural heritage have the power to contribute to understanding and knowledge, while informing society.

At the event that will take place at the Museum of Science and Technology, on Sunday 7 April 2024, at 18.00, school groups that implement environmental programmes on water and/or have implemented the educational programme of one of MET water museum devices, will present their work and/or experience.

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