A Memorandum of Understanding between the Hellenic Open University and the Athena Research Centre was signed on 22 May 2024.

The Hellenic Open University was represented by the President of the Steering Committee, Professor Ioannis Kalavrouziotis, while the Athena Research Centre was represented by Professor Ioannis Emiris, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Athena and Professor Chrysostomos Stylios, Director of the Institute of Industrial Systems, which was the initiator of this cooperation.

Athena Research Centre was founded in 2003 as the only Research Centre in Greece that focuses exclusively on Digital Sciences and Technologies. Athena’s vision is to conduct research in Information and Communication Technologies, exploring solutions to global challenges and producing innovative technological results with impact on other sciences, industry and society. Athena’s interdisciplinary activities focus on the exploitation of data and artificial intelligence technologies in the fields of robotics and automation, embedded systems, cultural heritage and arts, climate change, space sciences, precision agriculture, precision medicine, etc. Athena has established several spin-off companies, operates technological innovation clusters and hosts start-up support initiatives.

The Institute of Industrial Systems is a research institute of Athena focusing on cutting-edge technologies applicable in the industrial and business environment, with the ultimate goal of innovation and increasing the competitiveness of Greek industry. Through the MoU, the Hellenic Open University expands its educational and research activities, utilizes the scientific staff and students of the institution and expands its extroversion.

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