An initiative to keep alive the memory of the victims of the tragic tempi railway accident, many of whom were students of the country’s Higher Educational Institutions, is being promoted by the administration of the Hellenic Open University.

By unanimous decision of the Governing Committee, the highest educational institution of the country, stands by the families of the victims and the injured, offering 10 scholarships, for free study, in study programs of H.O.U.

These scholarships will be given to the injured in the accident but also to the first and second degree relatives (parents, spouses, brothers and sisters, etc.) of victims in order to enable them to study remotely in programmes of their choice, A and B courses at the Hellenic Open University.

“It is our minimal contribution to the memory of the victims of the tragedy, many of whom until recently were active members of the university community,” said professor Ioannis Kalavrouziotis.

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