After a groundbreaking launch event in October 2022, Global Live Med is back. The annual meeting organized by the Swiss-based non-profit organization of the same name, with the aim of bringing together scientists, heads of major environmental organizations, government agencies and artists to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) around the Mediterranean, on a local and global (glocal) scale, will be held for the second consecutive year in Athens on Saturday, October 21.

A day-long awareness-raising event that aims to enrich our collective dialogue and understanding of the role of the Mediterranean region in the global ecosystem and to address the wider society, individuals and groups with environmental and social concerns.

With this year’s focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 11 (sustainable cities & communities), 14 (life on water) and 16 (peace, justice & strong institutions), Global Live Med is setting up thematic panels with top speakers from the wider Mediterranean region. The Drapetsona Fertilizer Park (Drapetsona Lipasmata Park) becomes, from 11am on 21 October to midnight on the same day, the bridge that will connect the Mediterranean community with the world, and transforms into a platform for developing holistic perspectives that can encourage and promote change.

With an interesting musical line up but also workshops for children, installations and cuisines of our common sea, Global Live Med 2023 comes to transform the cinematic landscape of the Drapetsona Lipasmata Park into a colourful inclusive setting, as it becomes the celebratory canvas for our common heritage but also so that we can look towards the collective future of the Mediterranean with optimism.

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