The professor at the Department of history and Archaeology of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Cyprus, Apostolos Sarris, holder of the chair “Sylvia Ioannou” in Digital Humanities, speaks in the 55th episode of the #ScienceTalks series of the University of Cyprus about the research carried out in the Laboratory of Digital Humanities Geoinformatics. In this interview he explains, among other things, how cutting-edge technologies are applied in landscape archaeology and how the risk modeling of cultural heritage monuments is done.

Apostolos Sarris holds a B. A. in Astronomy and physics, an M. A. in Physics from Boston University, and an M. A. and Ph. D. in Physics/geophysics from the University of Nebraska. He collaborates with the Cyprus University of Technology and is a research associate of the Department of Anthropology, at the Field Museum of Natural History located in Chicago, USA. He collaborated in the past with the Universities of Freiburg and Leiden and is responsible for the establishment of the Laboratory of Geophysics – Satellite Remote Sensing & Archaeoenvironment at the foundation for research and technology, the largest Research Center in Greece, where he served as research director and head of the laboratory from 1996-2021.

He was vice-president of the European section of the Archaeological Remote Sensing Consortium, assistant Greek representative to the Scientific Committee for peace and security of NATO, vice-president of the International Scientific Association of Geophysical Surveys in archaeology (ISAP) and president of the Greek branch of the International Organization Computer Applications & Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA-GR).

To listen to the 55th episode of the #ScienceTalks series visit the page to watch the episodes you can subscribe to science Talks podcasts on Spotify or Google Podcasts. The shows are also broadcast on Tuesdays and Thursdays by UCY Voice 95.2.

The interview was given to Mariza Lampiri, head of communication and Public Relations of the University of Cyprus and the recording was made in the studio of the Information Center-Library “Stelios Ioannou” by Pavlos Charalambous.

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