The Epigraphic Museum will hold on Tuesday 12 September 2023, at 18.00-21.00, in the lecture room of the Epigraphic Museum, a conference on the results of the research project “APTOS – Innovative methods of access to cultural heritage by visually impaired people with disabilities”.

The project was implemented in the framework of the National Scope Action “Special Actions “Aquaculture” – “Industrial Materials” – “Open Innovation in Culture” of the Operational Programme “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, EPAnEk 2014-2020.

Conference Program 12/9/2023 18:00 – 21:00
Epigraphic Museum – Lecture Room

Time  Content and titles of the presentations
18:00 Arrival (Workshop Coordination: Eleni Zavvou)
18:15 Beginning of the conference-Greetings
18:50 Partnership operators

●      Epigraphic Museum. a special museum for everyone (Dr. Athanasios Themos)

●      Athena Research Center (Dr. Despina Tsiafaki)

●       ARCALIA IKE (Spyros Sianos)

19:05 Project Presentation (Dr. Anestis Koutsoudis)
19:25 Ancient inscriptions and visually impaired people. The proposal of the Epigraphic Museum (Dr. Irini Horemi – Maria Fountouli – Maria Goutra)

–      Cultural heritage and accessibility for the visually impaired

–      Exhibits and themes presented through APTOS

–        Narrative content

19:35 3D digitization in the context of the project (Fotis Arnaoutoglou)
19:45 20΄Break
20:05 3D printing technology and application in APTOS (Dimitris Bitsanis)
20:15 Collection of specifications in cooperation with visually impaired people (Meliana Karta)

Access systems to the cultural heritage (Dr. Petros Pistofidis)

Staff training and systems evaluation (George Giannoulis – Anastasia Tzatzalou)

20:40 Conclusions, benefits and prospects of the project

●      Epigraphic Museum (Dr.Athanasios Themos)

●       ARCALIA IKE (Spyros Sianos)

●      Athena Research Centre
Dissemination of results – Scientific publications (Dr. George Alexis Ioannakis)

General conclusions and perspectives (Dr. Anestis Koutsoudis – Dr. Petros Pistofidis – Dr. Despina Tsiafaki)

21:00 Acknowledgements and closing of the workshop (Dr. Athanasios Themos – Dr. Despina Tsiafaki – Dr. Anestis Koutsoudis)

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