Today 22/06/2022 a meeting was held on the creation of the Innovative Business Innovation Cluster – YPATIA. The meeting was attended by Mr. N. Pharmakis, Regional Governor of PDE, Th. Katsis, Rector of the Peloponnese University of Peloponnese, Ch. Bouras, Rector of the University of Patras, K. Karamanis, Vice President of E.A.P., V. Loukopoulos, President of the Patras Science Park, V. Papasotiropoulos Vice President of Patras Scientific Park, V. Bourganos, President of FORTH/ICE-HT, D. Serpanos, President of ITYE “Diophantus”, Chrysostomos Stylios, Director of INVIS, S. Syrmakesis, Univ. Peloponesse, M. Makridaki, PRAXI network and V. Kosti Univ. Patras.

YPATIA seeks to facilitate all steps, from A to Z, leading to the effective exploitation of research results, including:

-supporting academic excellence

-strengthening translational and applied research

-broad and strong protection of intellectual property

-linking with the private sector through networking activities

-attracting private investment to facilitate the further development of innovative research results through targeted advertising and promotional activities

-the creation of strong strategic partnerships with industry

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