One of the forces of technology is changing the way we learn, explore and discover things like our cultural heritage. COSMOTE CHRONOS, a new innovative mobile and tablet app that leverages cutting-edge technologies and, using artificial intelligence, allows users to experience the splendour of the Acropolis as it was in its heyday, is a practical demonstration of this.

The innovations of COSMOTE CHRONOS

COSMOTE CHRONOS combines augmented and virtual reality to revive scientifically documented virtual digital representations of selected monuments of the Acropolis of Athens, as they were in classical antiquity and the Roman era. These include the Parthenon, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Sanctuary of Artemis of Vravronias and the Chalcotheque, which do not survive today.

The combination of AR and VR is an innovation in this particular case, as the development of specialized prototype code made it possible to combine a synchronous and an asynchronous communication platform. The application’s user interface allows users to admire the monuments at their actual size and navigate inside them, wherever they are, whether on the Acropolis rock or anywhere else in Greece and abroad.

Users of the app enjoy a high level of quality and detail of the 3D graphics with unparalleled photorealism, which is a unique feature of the app. It is worth noting that with the use of 3D Graphics, the shadows and light falling on the virtual, 3D monuments reflect the conditions of the environment in real time, creating a more experiential experience for the user of the application.

Over a 5G network, the app offers real-time chat with Cleo. Cleo is the user’s digital assistant based on Artificial Intelligence and answers more than 10,000 questions about all the monuments that can be navigated through COSMOTE CHRONOS, whether one is at the Sacred Rock or in any other part of Greece or abroad. In fact, Cleo can provide group tours for up to 5 people, enriching the user experience and bringing a new level of interactivity to the virtual tour.

A digital knowledge ark for the future

COSMOTE CHRONOS is not just a mobile app, it is a digital knowledge ark for future generations. It is an educational tool for schools around the world, providing a new way of learning about our cultural heritage. Professional tour guides can also use the app to enrich their tour of the Acropolis.

The application is the result of a collaboration between the Ministry of Culture and Sports and COSMOTE, with the support of the Acropolis Museum, under a Cultural Sponsorship Agreement. Its purpose is to highlight our cultural heritage on a global level. That is why it is available free of charge in Greek and English on Google play and the Apple store for Android and iOS mobile devices. It works on 4G and 5G networks of all mobile providers in Greece and abroad, as well as on WiFi.

Below is a short demo of the app:

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