The Union of Aitoloakarnanian academics, the Greek Pulmonary Society, the Hellenic Open University and the University of Patras successfully organized on Saturday, 21 January, information event on ” scientific and Organizational health challenges for Aitoloakarnania “ with the purpose of presenting the present health situation in the prefecture.

The workshop took place at the amphitheater of the University of Patras in Agrinio.

In the statements made by MPs, bodies, representatives of Local Government and health officials of the area, Common was the request for the establishment and strengthening of the Pulmonary Clinic of the hospital.A pulmonologist at the hospital of Messolonghi and strengthening the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital Agrinio, which has reopened after a period of adventures. At the same time, leading scientists and professors of pulmonology and intensive care developed developments in his frequent problems respiratory system.

At the event, the Secretary General of the Supreme Of Education, Professor Odysseas-Ioannis Zoras, who pointed out that sustainability needs to be properly rationalized. Universities, adding that in the field of Education, from pre-primary up to lifelong learning, cosmogenic changes are taking place.

The rector of the University of Patras, Christos Bouras, pointed out that the higher educational institution,which is the third University in Greece and is among the 1,000 best in the world academic members and its structures, offering academic Education, Research, know-how, is present in every scientific just like today’s conference.

The Deputy Regional Governor of Western Greece, Lambros Dimitrogiannis noted that, on the basis of a new design, the sanitary Charter of Aitoloakarnania, adding that the prefecture has two hospitals, 10 Health centers and 70 regional dispensaries.

The Secretary of the Union of Aitoloakarnanian University and President of the Hellenic Open University, professor, Ioannis Calabrouziotis, referred to the history of the establishment of the Union, which

it already has 110 members, inside and outside the borders, pointing out that its goal it is to have a step open to society by filing assistive and announced that new initiatives will be taken soon and in other fields, such as agriculture, development, innovation, etc.

The president of the Association, Emeritus Professor of NKUA, Demosthenes Bouros.The epidemic of smoking, which he described as threat, citing evidence for our country.

He said more than 15,000 people die each year. Greece from diseases related to smoking, and passive smoking increases the risk of developing the disease in non-smokers and he also urged smokers to visit vaping dispensaries smoking existing in medical institutions of the country.

The president of the Hellenic pulmonary Society Stelios Loukidis, after pointing out that the struggle with the pandemic continues. He also referred to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which is the 3rd cause of deaths worldwide. He said that because of the about half of those affected are not aware of it.

A message was sent by the commander of the 6th Rae, Giannis Karvelis and the President of the School of Medicine of NKUA, Gerasimos Siassos, while greetings were addressed by the deputies, Marios Salmas, Spilios Livanos, Kostas Karagounis, George Varemenos, Mayors of Aitoloakarnania, the Presidents of the medical associations Mr. George Agrafiotis and Aris Triplis, the governor of Agrinio Hospital Michael Seraskeris, deputy administration of Messolonghi hospital Ms Eleni Filippopoulou, the president of the Pharmaceutical Association Aitoloakarnania Thanasis Papathanasis, the president of the scientific Professor Vassilis Loukopoulos, Vice-President of the Patras Park University of Patras, Dionysios Mantzavinos, head of the General The Department of Financial Services and Student Welfare University of Patras, Charalambos Rodopoulos, university professors, doctors and the Archimandrite, f. Christopher, on behalf of the Metropolitan, Aetolia and Acarnania, Mr. Damaskinos.

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