A conference dedicated to the work of the great neo-Hellenist Mario Vitti (1926 – 2023), on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of his death.

Fifteen specialized scholars of modern Greek literature, academics and researchers from Greece and Italy, will participate in the papers, with the aim of illuminating, in the light of a current critical evaluation, the main aspects of Vitti’s work, as well as highlighting his pivotal role in shaping our overall picture of the history of modern Greek literature.

The conference is structured in three sections:

the first section is devoted to his key individual contributions to the study of Greek literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries,

the second section aspires to highlight the particularities of the historiographical project, the presuppositions of his historiographical method and the importance of his intervention, focusing on the successive versions of the History of Modern Greek Literature, in relation to the corresponding proposals of K.T. Dimaras and Linos Politis, and

the third section is devoted to other, parallel and perhaps complementary activities.

Finally, a discussion on “Mario Vitti and modern Greek studies in the second half of the twentieth century: an assessment” attempts to read his contribution to the development of modern Greek studies (at the level of criticism, interpretation and synthesis).

See the Programme of the Conference  HERE

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