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Frequently asked questions and information system “Athena”

The University of Patras is piloting an automated support and information system on a number of issues that often concern members of the University community, especially students. The aim is to provide quick, efficient and reliable guidance on support & resolution of common problems and information search for the operation of the University. The project was entirely designed by a team of the Information & Communication Technologies Department of the University of Patras, with many years of experience in providing technical support.
The content was developed by:
the Information & Communication Technologies Division

  • the Directorate of Education and Research
  • the Directorate of Student Services and Information Technology and Research
  • the Library and Information Centre Directorate
  • the Directorate of Public Relations and Externalisation

The content will be continuously enriched in order to be up-to-date, useful and effective. The system is accessible from the Directorate: