As part of the public program of EMST, one of the axes of which is the issue of the management of artistic work and its legal and professional dimensions, the Museum organizes a workshop entitled Artists’ Estates, The After-Life of artistic work.

The aspects of managing the tangible and intangible heritage that an artist leaves behind are museums, art history and the art market. In particular, with regard to the heritage of contemporary artists and artists, issues of central importance are the management, selection and integration of the work of art as well as the emergence of overlooked aspects of it.

How does the artistic work remain “alive”? what is the legal framework for the protection, management and promotion of works by artists who have passed away? what does “artistic” bequest mean and what is its role between private and public spheres? what are the managerial, research, and curatorial challenges in the preservation of the artistic work;

Aspiring to create an active field of dialogue, EMST invites professionals in the field of art and other scientific fields to a workshop on the legal, institutional, social, and cultural implications of the protection, management and promotion of the heritage left behind by an artist. The workshop will focus on the legal framework for the protection of the work of artists who are no longer alive, as well as on tools and practices for its management and promotion. It will focus on the role and multidimensional mission of important initiatives for the rescue of works by contemporary artists developed in recent years in Greece and internationally. Issues of curatorial promotion, artistic use and reuse of artistic heritage will be explored. How to redefine the concept of care in the context of management and promotion of artistic heritage, especially in relation to less prominent – or even marginalized-artistic cases; What is the role of artistic and curatorial practices in the direction of re-appropriation, renegotiation and activation of the artistic heritage;

The workshop will be attended by Robert Beavers, cinematographer and co-creator together with Gregory Markopoulos, of Temenos Archive, Katerina Thomadaki, filmmaker, multimedia artist and theorist, co-creator of works together with Maria Klonari and Anna Schäffler, art historian and curator.

Also participating are: Chloe Akrithaki, Popi Alexiou, George Armaos, Irene Vourloumi, Gerasimos Giannopoulos, Anastasia Douka, Pierrina Koriatopoulou, Pigi Konstantinou, Nefeli Papadimitriou, George Sapountzis, Dimitris Tsoublekas, Klea Charitou.

Organization: Tina Pandi, curator EMST, in collaboration with the Artistic Team 3 137 (Paky Vlassopoulou, Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Kosmas Nikolaou).

Saturday 21.1.2023 at 13.00

Projection Room – Mezzanine

Free entrance with entrance tickets that will be distributed half an hour before the event.

During the workshop there will be simultaneous translation.

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