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Announcement of the results of the architectural competition

for the Arts Building at the Psychiko Campus of Athens College

The open Architectural Ideas Competition co-organized by the College of Athens and SYNEON for the creation of a new Arts Building within the premises of the Hellenic American Educational Foundation in Psychiko was completed with a large number of entries. The new Building will serve as an educational and exhibition space for arts education and will be funded by a donation from alumnus Dimitris Daskalopoulos.

A total of 64 highly detailed and aesthetic architectural proposals, at the level of ideas, were received. On the basis of the evaluation criteria outlined in the Competition Announcement, four ideas particularly stood out and will receive cash prizes of €20.000, €15.000, €10.000 and €5.000. A further three proposals have been awarded an honorable mention.

It should be noted that the selection was made by a 10-member jury composed of distinguished Greek and international professionals in the fields of architecture, design, landscape architecture, arts and architecture history, as well as representatives of Athens College and the donor.. The jury closely reviewed the submissions’ comparative advantages and identified possible improvements. The competition organizers will now select which of the four winning architectural teams will be appointed to finalize their construction proposal. Their decision will consider innovative architecture and design, functionality and feasibility, visual integration with the existing buildings and landscape, and compliance with the project’s budgetary and sustainability aims

The Arts Building will be created within the premises of the Athens College’s Psychiko Campus and will include a training room, exhibition space, an amphitheatre, underground parking and an outdoor area.

The project will be completed by 2025, the 100th anniversary of Athens College. The exclusive donor of the building is the non-profit company SYNEON, created by Dimitris Daskalopoulos for the sole purpose of financing the project. The total cost will amount to €6.2 million, while an additional donation of €500,000 will be available for equipment once construction is completed.

In particular, the shortlisted proposals are:

  • 1st prize  Team collaborating architects: Aikaterini GousgouniEleana Pastra and Foivos Sigalas (Μolior Αrchitects)
  • 2nd Prize Group co-architects: FIORE Architects Florian Liakos, Alexios Visvinis, Angeliki Dimitroulopoulou, Irini Markantonatou, with Ioannis Petropoulos and in collaboration with Sotiria Smyrnaiou
  • 3d Prize Group co-collaborators: office Neiheiser Argyros of Christina Argyros and Ryan Neiheiser, with Stefanos Vasdekis
  • 4th Prize to the collaborating design studios: D. Thomopoulos & T. Hatzigiannopoulos.

In addition, 3 honorable mentions were awarded to the proposals by the participating architects and offices:

  • collaborating architects: Agis Panagiotis Mourelatos and Georgios Fatseas, in collaboration with Marina Filippopoulou (consulting architect), Antonios Mourelatos (consulting architect), Ioanna Diamanti (architecture student, design team), Georgios Karonis (architect, design team) and Antonis Tzortzis _ Studio Taf (rendering)
  • collaborating architects: Panagiotis PartheniosAnna KaragianniChristos Kyrou and Georgia Ina Partheniou, in collaboration with Valina Geropanta (urban architect), Giannis Petroulakis (urban architect), Karolos Hanikian (landscape architect), Manolis Economou (landscape architect), Flora-Maria Mpougiatioti (sustainable design), Alexadros Papandreou (educational consultant), Panagiotis K. Parthenios (structural engineer), Raissa Andreopoulou (landscape architect), Konstantina Kerasoviti (architect, WELL AP), Giannis Dahis (architect), Kiriaki Forti (architect), Dimitra Niktari (architecture student), Georgia Litsika (architecture student) and Lais – Ioanna Margiori (architecture student)
  • collaborating architects: Iro BertakiChristina LoukopoulouCostis Paniyiris and Konstantinos Apostolidis, in collaboration with Lost Minute Studio, Fotini Adrimi, Vasilis Kalisperakis (architectural visualisation), Michalis Aggelidis (structural engineer), Dimitris Mantas (mechanical engineer), Aris Tsagrasoulis (energy and environmental planning consultant), Antonis Skordilis (landscape architecture consultant) and Elli Tsakopoulou (architect)

All submitted proposals came from Greek architects, engineers and with offices based in Greece and abroad and were anonymous when assessed by the jury.

The new Arts Building of the Athens College, named “D.Daskalopoulos Arts Building” aims, beyond its basic function as an educational institution, to contribute to the development of new dialogues around art and contemporary culture, as a living and creative space in interaction with the wider society.

The new building will house the International Baccalaureate (IB) arts programme as well as the Athens College and Psychiko College high school courses, while it will also function as an art centre open to the community through its exhibition spaces and public programmes, which will seek to create a cultural platform for collaborative and educational projects.

The goal of its creation is to position the Arts Building as a leading interlocutor in the local cultural landscape and a reference point for arts educational institutions both nationally and internationally, enabling students, Athens College alumni, artists and members of the wider community to empower and enrich their experiences through its programs.

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