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The Parthenon frieze
A modern way of exploring it

The Acropolis Museum presents the complete synthesis of the Parthenon frieze, meaning the continuous relief band running along the upper, outer part of the temple’s wall. The frieze displays the procession of the greatest festival that took place in ancient Athens, the Panathenaia: 380 human figures, men and women, pedestrians, horse riders and charioteers, 200 animals and objects and offerings to the goddess Athena, protectress of Athens, all frozen in time attending her birthday eternally.

This application is an upgraded version of the online application This version integrates new functionalities, making it accessible to all modern media and platforms, adhering the best practices and guidelines in web design and UI/UX (user interaction/user experience).

This excellent application gathers photographs and descriptions of all the frieze blocks preserved today in the Acropolis Museum and abroad. Both general public and scholars have the opportunity to gain a thorough view of this unique sculptural work of art, through mobile devices: mobiles phones, tablets, laptops… One can explore the Parthenon frieze through the thematic sections The Parthenon, About the Frieze, Explore the frieze and Thematic Tours. In the first two sections, users can learn about the history, the design and construction of the frieze, while in the following two they can explore the frieze either block by block, or through thematic tours of its scenes.

The application was developed thanks to the fruitful collaboration of the Acropolis Museum, the Acropolis Restoration Service and the National Center for Documentation & Electronic Content.

( foto, Southwest corner of the Parthenon frieze, from which began the two streams of the Panathenaic procession © Acropolis Museum. Photo Nikos Daniilidis)