In conjunction with the presentation of Papadiamantis ‘ portraits at the National Library of Greece, A Photographic Archive of Roidis is published.

The opponents, worldview, Papadiamantis and Roidis met once in the newspaper of Koromila thanks to Dostoevsky. The serialization of the novel Crime and punishment, which will begin on April 14, 1889, has been announced, and in advance Roidis publishes a text to “tell us [ … ] whose value is Dostoevsky and whose masterpiece is crime and punishment”. The publication of the anonymous translation will be completed on August 1, 1889 (106 pentastyle epiphyllides). This translation of Papadiamantis will be published for the first time, together with the preface of Roidis, edited by Eugenia Makrygianni, a century later: I. Dostoevsky, crime and punishment, ideogram, Athens 1992. Unforeseen events and coincidences led the two authors to a new meeting, with the donation, at the exact same time, of their photographic portraits to the NLG.

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